...is a non profit foundation that depends only on donations. Since founded in October 2008, we have been able to customize wigs on an average of 2 to 3 local people a month. Along with cutting , coloring, perming, and styling, wigs for patients, we have also been able to provide them with fresh non contaminated make-up and make up brushes.

Helping make people feel good about themselves, will also give them the strength to fight their battle against cancer!!

I have been a hair designer for over 25 years and the thing I have grown to love the most about my profesion is making people feel good about themselves. In 1992, a young women came in to my salon carrying a picture a dear friend of hers battling leukimia. She wondered if I could find a wig she could give to her friend. She continued to explain that her friend was 19 years old and disliked the wigs she was provided as they always appeared unnatural. This of couse lead to feelings of depression. As it would figure, I had never worked with a wig before but I permed it and made it look as close to the picture as possible. This young ladies name was Carla and unfortunately I only met her once at the hospital before she lost her battle with cancer. However, Carla and her family have and will always remain close to my heart.

Since that experience, I have had several clients who have battled cancer. As they sit in my chair and share this very personal news, they often express a very real fear of losing their hair. I had one very wonderful friend ask that I shave her head on three seperate occasions, because her breast cancer continued to return. I will never forget the tears in her eyes each and every time. I always wished there was something I could have done at the time to instantly calm her fears and cheer her up. That has been my inspiration for founding the Believe Foundation.

I would like to thank you ahead of time for anything you contribute to help our Foundation grow.

Mary VanKeulen

Believe Foundation

...for the foundation is to visit patients in the local hospitals and provide them and their families with chair massages, hand massages, foot massages, anything to help reduce the stress they have ben going through.


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